Girls Gone Gazelle VIRTUAL Challenge from April 20 – June 13th

Last week we shared the news that our 2020 SPRING SESSION of Girls Gone Gazelle was postponed due to Covid-19 so we are going virtual with the GIRLS GONE GAZELLE VIRTUAL CHALLENGE from April 20 – June 13th

We often reference Girls Gone Gazelle as a confidence club not a run club. Ever wonder why we do that? Our group training together builds confidence, self-esteem and resilience and it happens to do so through running. Right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic it is resilience that seems to be the most important skill of all.

This month we are inviting our spring gazelles to join the first of its kind VIRTUAL GIRLS GONE GAZELLE CHALLENGE from April 20 – June 13th. Each parent has already received the training plan and an outline for tracking the activities to qualify for prizes and the final finisher’s medal.

A runner is often resilient because running is unpredictable, no run is the same. You set out on a run feeling great and it turns into a terrible struggle; yet you persevere and succeed. Repeated...

COVID-19 is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation which will be postponing our SPRING SESSION of Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club.

Public health officials are working closely with our colleagues across the country and our partners in Nova Scotia to limit the spread of the virus and increase capacity within the health system to respond.  During this state of emergency, we must all work together to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are important steps we are requiring all Nova Scotians to take:

  • Stay home as much as possible. When you are out, practice social distancing by limiting contact with other people (stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart) and have no more than 5 people together;
  • Shop only for essentials, such as groceries and prescription medication and only have one person doing the shopping;
  • If you’ve traveled outside the province, self-isolate for 14 day...

Be. The. Inspiration.

Earlier this week I was surprised. And that rarely happens. It is hard to get things past me. I “thought” I was joining an elementary classroom discussion regarding the importance of trying your best with physical activity. But, the teacher and her student used that ruse just to get me there. Instead I had the incredible honor of watching a ten year old girl (that was a participant in Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club last spring) give a power point presentation about ME that included details about my life, my coaching, my race directing and she even played my favorite song. I can’t imagine the time it took for her to find all that information and put it into slides. She did all that because this alumni Gazelle says I inspired her. But...

Community Champion Announcement: Amber MacInnis & Associates Inc – The Co-operators

I have been a runner since 1987. But, I became a running coach in 2010 when I had the idea to start a run club for youth.  As the Community Chair for the Junior League of Halifax I was able to champion a particular cause. So with the full support of the Junior League of Halifax (an organization of women in Halifax Regional Municipality that volunteer to develop and deliver effective, impactful projects for over 85 years in the community) and through a partnership with the East Dartmouth Boys and Girls Club we were literally off to the races. Those first run clubs trained for a couple of Benny Bulldog Race Weekends (est. 2010).

That experience was so much fun for me because I absolutely love running and as it turns out, I also l...

Our Gazelle C

“Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.” Wikipedia
Last year I met this incredibly talented Gazelle that we’ll call “Gazelle C.” She was a participant in our Girls Gone Gazelle spring session that trained for and completed the June Sole Sisters Women’s 5K. With no formal race or running experience (she was 10 after all) we had the opportunity to introduce her to running at a time when she was also dealing with some health issues that could have easily sidelined a less motivated athlete.
Initially starting with a combination of "walk+run+walk" training, the coaches were quickly impressed with her focus. This Ga...