Girls Gone Gazelle expanded to Saskatchewan in 2021!

Girls Gone Gazelle expanded to Saskatchewan in 2021!

Looking back the expansion of Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club to Leader, Saskatchewan in 2021 was the absolute high point of an otherwise difficult pandemic year. Locally, we had to reschedule and then cancel all but one of our planned events. However, we were able to introduce a group of girls to rock climbing over the fall thanks to a super cool rock wall at Decathlon here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately we did not train in-person in Dartmouth or Cape Breton though we are looking forward to bringing training back in 2022 if our health authority authorizes it.

Without the ability to train in our province due to restrictions we were ecstatic to watch the twenty-one (21) Saskatchewan Gazelles hold their graduation 5K on Saturday, June 26, 2021 under the guidance of Coach Laura Henderson and her team of volunteer coaches. Watching the joy of those young girls as they raced through town (through pictures) reminded us how important it is to find ways to continue to connect with our youth, even if our contribution is virtual.

Coach Laura with her team of volunteers brought dedication, enthusiasm and the greatest passion for spreading the joy of running we have ever seen. Thanks to phone calls, videos, pictures… this coach in Dartmouth, Nova was able to ‘watch’ the magic of fun and confidence happening in Leader, Saskatchewan under Coach Laura. During the warm up for their graduation race, Coach Laura had the Gazelles repeat these words after her and they were so powerful I want to share them here:

I am strong.
I am an athlete.
I am a runner.
I am capable.
I am focused.
I am determined.
I am confident.

We are hoping to double the size of the 2022 Saskatchewan Gazelles by adding a 3K distance focus for girls 6-8 years old and the usual 5K distance for girls 9-12. With our fundraiser Sole Sisters Women’s Race (on hold during the pandemic) we will need your help to find funding as we want to keep this confidence club free so if you would like to be a t-shirt sponsor feel free to contact us!

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