Our Gazelle C

“Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.” Wikipedia
Last year I met this incredibly talented Gazelle that we’ll call “Gazelle C.” She was a participant in our Girls Gone Gazelle spring session that trained for and completed the June Sole Sisters Women’s 5K. With no formal race or running experience (she was 10 after all) we had the opportunity to introduce her to running at a time when she was also dealing with some health issues that could have easily sidelined a less motivated athlete.
Initially starting with a combination of "walk+run+walk" training, the coaches were quickly impressed with her focus. This Ga...

Taking on Virtual Everest

Eight Alumnae Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club participants took on Virtual Everest which is a fundraiser for the Arthritis Society that involves running up (and down) Citadel Hill eighty (80!) times for a total elevation gain of 8848m. The event was scheduled for November 12, 2017.
I (“Coach Stacy”) have a confession to make. I wanted the Gazelles to do something really big on this particular day so that I wouldn’t. November 12th was the one year anniversary of my participation in a 100 Mile Race (yep, I ran 100 miles) and I was afraid I’d want to commemorate it by doing something even crazier. For about a minute I thought of doing Virtual Everest by myself. Then I got an even better idea but I needed to see if there were other ...