Be. The. Inspiration.

Be. The. Inspiration.

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Earlier this week I was surprised. And that rarely happens. It is hard to get things past me. I “thought” I was joining an elementary classroom discussion regarding the importance of trying your best with physical activity. But, the teacher and her student used that ruse just to get me there.

Instead I had the incredible honor of watching a ten year old girl (that was a participant in Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club last spring) give a power point presentation about ME that included details about my life, my coaching, my race directing and she even played my favorite song. I can’t imagine the time it took for her to find all that information and put it into slides. She did all that because this alumni Gazelle says I inspired her. But, the thing is, she inspires me AND she inspires her teacher. Her teacher* is now a Sole Sisters runHER from the prompting of this student. It just proves you are never too young, too old, too fast, or too slow to BE THE INSPIRATION. I have been lucky enough to get a few awards over the years. But this surprise ranks higher than anyone of them. Can you imagine speaking to your class at 10 years old? Public speaking is hard but she did it for me; to show that I matter to her. I can’t wait for her to be older so I can get her back as a Youth Coach for Girls Gone Gazelle. What a leadHER she already is and to have her tell me I am her hero humbles me. It makes my heart incredibly happy. It reminds me, we have the power to make such a difference in this world.

Always keep in mind, someone is watching and someone is listening and you may never get to know your influence (or maybe you’ll get as lucky as I was today) but always BE THE INSPIRATION.   

*A special note of thanks to Miss Chelsea, her teacHER that facilitated this surprise, she’s quite the role model.

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